PS5: What do we know so far?

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Here is all that we know about PS5 price, release date, specs and news info for Sony’s PlayStation 5 video game console.

The gaming world is patiently waiting for Sony’s new release and there’s been numerous rumours on the new PS5 these last days.

Some leaks put forward 5th February or 12th February as the potential PS5 reveal dates but being in less than two weeks, it seems unlikely that the PS5 reveal will take place on either date. 

PS5: Look and design

Sony has filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office for a mysterious “electronic device”, as first spotted by LetsGoDigital.
This category would cover video game consoles and the sketched gadget looks like a PlayStation.

The design shown in the photo above, do match up with previously leaked patents filed by Sony. Apparently the PlayStation 5 is meant to reveal an unusual v-shaped design that will probably mark the departure from Sony’s current PS4.
The upper section of the console appears to have large holes on all sides.
This probably showcases an important cooling system in order to keep the processors from overheating while rendering hi-res graphics.

Other recent rumours suggest that the PS5 could be at least more than twice as powerful as the PS4. Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm whether the design above is the final PS5 or not.

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