What to choose: Lindy BNX-100 Headphones

News What to choose

We discovered the latest Lindy BNX-100 headphones that cost just under £120.00. Stylish, feature-rich, the set of wireless over-the-ear active noise-canceling, certainly do the job.


  • Good ANC performance
  • Stylish Design
  • Dynamic auto-pause
  • 12-hours battery


  • Can’t be folded
  • Not Waterproof

Hear the music only

If you are looking for a pair of headphones, reasonably priced with a great active noise-canceling option, you should totally consider the Lindy BNX-100. With an active noise attenuation of up to 95%, you can forget all the disturbing noise around you and simply enjoy more of the music, at all times.

Fashionable Design

The BNX-100 has a sleek and rather fashionable design. We particularly liked its alluring assorted box ideal for traveling and protect your favourite headphones. The textured leather on the exterior of the drivers’ housing calls gives a premium look, that will please any fashionable music lover!

Innovative Features

You can find three discreet buttons on the right cup which provide media controls. The central button gives the opportunity to turn the headphones on or off but can also serve as a means to answer calls.
On the left cup, find a microUSB charging port, a switch for turning ANC on and off and also an audio passthrough button.
You’ll also enjoy the dynamic auto-pause which automatically pauses the music when you remove your headphones and resumes it when putting them on again.

Everything you need for travel

If you are always out and about, the BNX-100 is a premium choice. The latest Lindy headphones have everything you need for travel. This includes a hard carry case, 1.5m cable including a 3.5mm plug with 6.35mm adaptor, dual-plug adaptor for flights and USB charging cable.

Maybe you could be disappointed by the fact the headphones don’t fold, which will have made easier to tuck them away. But well, this is not essential when you have a beautiful sleek travel box!

Get the Lindy BNX-100 Headphones, £120.00 on the Lindy website