App of the Week: Gohenry

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An alternative to gifting money this Christmas, Gohenry is all about making learning the four pillars of good money management – earn, save, spend, and give – a fun and interactive experience.

Who never wanted to teach his children how to manage money wisely while controlling expenses? This is where Gohenry comes to the rescue!

The pre-paid Visa debit card comes alongside an app with unique parent controls designed exclusively for 6-18-year-olds in order to help them learn good money habits. The child app empowers children to manage their money responsibly through features such as setting savings goals for the latest must-have, donating a percentage of their pocket money to charity, and monitoring their available spend. 

The parent app meanwhile, allows them to easily pay pocket money direct to their children’s account and agree on limits on how much can be spent and where. Parents can also receive real-time notifications showing how much a child has spent and where, as well as set tasks such as washing the car to encourage children to earn their pocket money – or top it up!

The true revolution for this Christmas is probably, the new gift link feature which encourages friends or family to send money directly to a child’s account with a fun festive note to make giving money that little bit more special this Christmas. Gohenry didn’t forget politeness: the child can even send a ‘thank you’ note back via the app!

Gohenry costs £2.99 per month, per child with the option to purchase a custom card for a one-off charge of £4.99. Standard cards are issued free of charge and all customers get their first month free so they can try before they buy. 
Make sure to order your card before 18th December if you want to get it for Christmas. You can get it here.