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The Cybex Pallas car seat is synonymous for safety, with parents trusting its strong track record of impact shield technology, significantly reducing the chance of injury. The award winning seat is full of features which simply cannot be found in more traditional harness based systems, combining a fantastic safety record with optimum comfort for your child, and maximum practicality for you. 

Growing With your Child

The Pallas G I-Size impressively adapts and adjusts to fit the changing needs and size of your child as they grow, ensuring comfort, safety and practicality for the years ahead.


Comfortable padded cushions and easy adjustments mean that your little one will always be offered the best of comfort, while not compromising any vital safety. 

The integrated Air Ventilation System allows air to easily circulate, preventing your child from getting too warm while in the seat. The patented 3 position recline will allow you to find a perfect position to help your child relax or fall asleep while remaining safe and secure. It also automatically adjusts to prevents the child from sloping forward when falling asleep, further reducing the potential impact of a collision. 

Injury Reduction Technology 

40% safer than the tradition harness system, the Advanced Impact Shield actively reduces the chance of neck injury in the event of a head-on collision. The G I-Size car seat also boast a 20% reduction in force from side impacts due to the Linear Side Impact Protection System (LSP System Plus). 

Impact is absorbed across a much wider area, ensuring that the impact severity and general strain is minimised in critical areas, acting similarly to an airbag to protect the neck and head. This system also has the added benefit of added security where your child may be able to press the button in a traditional harness. 

Over 10 years of Use

The 2 in 1 seat adapts and grows as your child grows, moving from an effective impact shield for toddlers to a comfortable and reliable booster seat for your pre-teen. 
The seat will provide reliable protection for children from 76cm until they reach 150cm, or approximately the age of 12. 

Quick and Easy Use

Research has proven that impact shields demonstrate a significantly lower error rate than harness systems. The Integrated Adjustable Impact Shield is easy to use, quick, and reliable. The buckle system removes the need to lean over your child, providing a convenient and safe solution you can rely on.

The seat can be easily and securely installed with the ISOFIX and Top Tether system providing additional anchorage, and clear visual indicators which confirms when the seat is installed. 
A wide range of colours, including Turquoise to Pink are available, making the seat a custom choice which can match the style of your car and personality.

All in all, the Pallas G I-Size Car Seat combines a fantastic safety record with intuitive and practical features; ensuring that your child always feels comfortable while safely and securely seated. 

You can purchase the Pallas G I-Size Car Seat from £259.95, for more information you can visit https://cybex-online.com/en-gb/pallas-g-isize


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