How to boost your fitness performance


If you are working out, you probably want to maximize your fitness gains and see some results pretty quickly. That’s why you need to train smarter: smarter eating, smarter moving, smarter recovering.
We’ve sorted for you the smartest gadgets, activewear, apps, food complements, to boost your fitness performance and stay at the top of your game!

Get serious on nutrition

Want to give your workout a boost? There are specific ingredients and power food that will help you to improve your performance. Try to stay as healthy as possible and prefer natural bars and complements rather than artificial ones. If you like to cook your own snacks and meals, you can go for energetic food such as oat, peanuts, blueberries, bananas, broccoli, and salmon. Otherwise, you can opt for any of the below:

Tenzing Energy Drink

Traditionally, energy drinks contain a synthetic mix of taurine, caffeine, vitamin B’s, high levels of sugar and artificial sweeteners. However, a TENZING is made using just plant-based ingredients to create natural energy, and with 60% less sugar than traditional energy drinks!

Vega Clean Protein Chocolate

Help build and maintain muscles with healthy eating, active living, and protein. Vega Clean Protein is a complete, multisource blend of premium plant-based protein made from pea, hemp, alfalfa, and pumpkin.

Human Food Bars

The bars combine 20 organic whole foods and whole food extracts, which have been carefully selected and combined to provide the maximum functional benefits. They contain essential nutrients alongside key functional ingredients that can help to improve cognitive function, optimize performance and support overall health and wellbeing.

BetterYou Body Oil Magnesium Spray

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Body Spray provides the ultimate way to replenish magnesium levels. This simple and scientifically proven method of magnesium supplementation commences absorption immediately when massaged into the skin helping to promote overall wellbeing and natural relaxation. A great way to relieve sore muscles after intense workouts.

Food Spring Protein Balls

Perfect for post-workout or between meals. These protein balls are the smart alternative to your daily snack. It will release energy on the right path and help your body to recover after a great session.

Choose the right fitness gadgets

Technology will also play a great part in your daily workout. There are many gadgets out there that will help you to improve and track your performance. But with so many choices out there, how to choose the right fitness gadgets? We’ve made a selection for you!

Withings Pulse HR

Super lightweight and easy to wear, the Withings Pulse HR will become your best workout companion. The discreet fit watch boasts amazing features such as 20 days of battery life, GPS, water resistance, heart rate, sleep tracker amongst others! It comes with the Withings app where you can monitor your progress, workouts and sleep pattern. The perfect gadget that will definitely help you to improve your performance.

Heat Tens

Say goodbye to post-workout muscular pains with Heat Tens by Omron. This incredible piece of tech is a drug-free pain-relieving gadget that combines heat therapy with TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. Heat therapy has long been used as a form of pain relief and is regularly used in physiotherapy and for sports massages as it will dilate the blood vessels, promote blood flow, and help sore and tightened muscles relax. After using Heat Tens, you will notice instant relief, and this just from the comfort of your home!

Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale

The Withings Body Cardio is probably one of the best smart scales on the market. Easy to use and featuring a sheer number of stats, the Body Cardio will not only help you get healthier but will also track your activity, data, step count and more. The little extra? It can also monitor your Pulse Wave Velocity, a measurement of arterial stiffness that is a key indicator of cardiac health, and this no other smart-scales can actually do it! So wait no more and get this incredible Withings Gadget that will keep you at the top of your game!

Rookie Smart Rope

Improve your cardio with one of the most efficient gadgets: The Rookie Smart Rope. This connected jump rope comes along with its own app to keep track of your workout data: jump count, calories burned, and time spent jumping. If you want to challenge yourself, the mobile app allows you to unlock awards and compete with other Smart Rope users for even more intense cardio exercises.

Abs Fit 2

Struggling to tone your abdominal area? Firm them up and accelerate your ab workout with the SIXPAD Absfit 2. Utilizing electrical muscle stimulation the device is designed to help your dormant muscles to contract and relax. The result? A significantly more toned stomach area without spending hours in the gym. Users generally achieve a 12% improvement in abdominal muscle size after 8 weeks alongside a balanced diet and exercise, while an 8% improvement was seen after just 4 weeks.

Switch to activewear

No need to be super fashionable to workout. Yet, with the recent rise of activewear brands, you can now combine style with comfort and performance. We’ve looked for some of the best activewear products that will make your workout a breeze.

On Running Cloud X

For those that love to run, the Cloud X is definitely the fitness companion you can count on. The zero-Gravity foam keeps weight to an absolute minimum for maximum mobility and the lean engineered heel cap will keep you stable without strain. A pair of shoes specially designed for comfort and hold in mixed-sports workouts.

Quechua Women’s Jacket

Don’t let the rain hold you back! This jacket will provide you the optimum comfort with its stretch fabric, lightweight and underarm ventilation. During intense efforts, it is, therefore, essential to wear very breathable clothing so you do not stay wet. The technology used by Quechua insures to stay dry and comfortable at all times. Whether you are hiking in summer the sun or running under a storm, nothing will stop you from working out outside anymore.

MyProtein Stretch Woven Shorts

Smash the targets you’ve set for yourself in the Stretch Woven 9″ Shorts. Designed with performance in mind, woven stretch fabric, an inner self-fabric gusset and split side hems enhance movement, these shorts leaving you unrestricted in the pursuit of your targets. Super comfortable, these are greats to wear at the gym or while working out on sunny days outside.

Anita Air Control Sport Bra

The air control sports bra merges functionality and style to create the ideal sports bra for every active woman. This exclusive design ensures maximum support while the ultra-light mesh fabric allows for optimal air circulation. You will never feel more comfortable while working out.

Enertor insoles

ENERTOR® Comfort insoles provide instant relief and long-term protection. They can be inserted into almost all shoe types and are designed to provide relief when walking or running. The insoles improve muscle function, reduce pain and fatigue and are extremely flexible.

Oofos Women’s Shoes

Take care of your muscles with Oofos and level up your performance thanks to its shoe foam designed to rebound and propel you forwards. They’re proven to improve your recovery after hard gym sessions or running and take away stress and pressure on knees and lower back. Its 4-way stretch fibre upper, create an unbelievably comfortable shoe that enhances the recovery process. Take the stress off your tired soles, joints and give your feet the freedom of natural movement in a shoe you can wear all day, every day.

Runderwear Running Base Layer

The Runderwear™ Men’s Running Base Layer is perfect for cold weather running. Constructed using super-soft, technical fabric with excellent moisture-wicking properties – this base layer will keep you warm and dry, remaining breathable to optimise your body temperature. Handy roll-over mitts will keep your hands protected from the elements with ease. In other words, this is one of these workout essential pieces to always have on hand.

MyProtein Training T-shirt

A standout choice for every session, this Training T-Shirt is made with sweat-wicking technology. The quick-drying fabric is designed to draw moisture away from the body, absorbing sweat to make your workout more comfortable. A lightweight fabric construction, including raglan sleeves, underarm panels and deep side-splits, increases your range of movement, allowing you to reach your full potential when training. It’s completed with an antibacterial finish to keep you fresher for longer; fighting the germs created during exercise.

Lucy Locket Loves Leggings

Don’t compromise comfort with style and opt for the fashionable Lucy Locket Loves Leggings. These leggings have a super-elastic high-waist, guaranteed to stay in place. They are also made with a blend of comfortable, durable materials that give them moisture-wicking properties as well as making them squat-proof!
The must is probably the zip pocket on the rear which will securely hold your smartphone even during your workout!  You can order leggings in a standard full length or three-quarter length capri.


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