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The British brand Nolii has launched an amazing collection of minimal smartphone accessories that simplify everyday tasks chargers with tangle-free cables to modular phone cases! The best part? You won’t need to choose between aesthetics and functionality.

You will be amazed by each of these products which were built around the Nolii Click Lock Couple Case system. Use the silicone smartphone case with a square-shaped and attached the additional accessories to it.

You can then add the Fitness Band or Wallet to the case by lining up the square-shaped nodule featured on each product with the case cut-out. Just click it in and twist to secure it in place.

With over 40 different colour combinations, you get to build a personalised system that’s just for you, whatever accessories or colours you prefer!

The range boasts a beautiful selection of smart accessories such as batteries, wallets, fitness bands, and chargers, perfect for those who like to mix functionality with style.

An answer to our everyday problems!

The brainchild of design and technology obsessed co-founders, Asad Hamir and Amar Radia, Nolii began its journey three years ago. Starting with a clean sheet, Nolii’s intuitive design process involved thousands of hours of research, prototyping, testing and development to intimately understand how we use technology and the interdependencies in our activities. 

Nolii tackle our everyday points of friction, from tangled cables lost behind tables and bulky batteries on the move to fumbling with cards and phones. 

Its mission is to make meaningful differences through intuitive and effortless tech – the result of its uncompromising approach through human first design.

“Technology should free us, not tie us down” says co-founder Asad Hamir. 
“Nolii is the result of my own frustrations with how tech accessories seemed to make life harder, not easier. We built Nolii with human needs and effortless design in mind; introducing a challenger brand set to reimagine how we experience tech.”

Co-founder Amar Radia adds“It’s been an exciting three year journey. We are extremely proud to finally be launching this first family of Nolii products. We passionately believe that technology should not only solve problems but, in this new world, give us freedom and flexibility in our everyday lives. 

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