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Thanks to fast, reliable wi-fi and a smartphone in virtually every pocket, it has never been easier to create a safe, smart and secure home. Today you can install a few affordable wireless sensors, a connected camera and monitor your home with alerts sent directly to your phone from anywhere in the world.

What is smart home security?

Smart home security systems encompass many features from a traditional burglar alarm with the ability to monitor cameras, lighting systems etc… So is this technology worth investing in? Experts in the industry will give you some tips on how to make your home safer, and what are the best products to do so.

Smart security devices, the new solution to protect your home

“Burglar alarms and CCTV are long-established technologies, but they are becoming simultaneously more sophisticated and more cost-effective, meaning that more households can install them.
There are ways in which residential security technology is evolving to intelligently detect break-ins before they happen, rather than simply raising the alarm once they have occurred. For example, advanced motion detection technology can analyse and identify unique vibrations on windows and doors, enabling the system to differentiate between normal everyday activities, such as strong winds or someone knocking at the door, and genuine break-in attempts. If the system senses, say, someone pushing overly heavily on a door or window, it can raise an alarm and scare away the perpetrator.” Steven Montgomery, Managing Director of Somfy UK & Ireland, on home security

The remote control is also a very attractive option for homeowners, landlords, and tenants who are now installing smart security systems they can control through their smartphone via a mobile app.

How to choose your smart security system?

Here are some features you need to look at if you want to choose the perfect smart security system for your home:

  • Long wi-fi range – as smart home hubs use wi-fi to communicate, make sure to pick a system with a range of 50 metres
  • Battery back-up – smart systems with battery back-up can help give you peace of mind if there’s a power cut.
  • Outdoor siren or dummy siren – it helps to deter burglars from outside. Reformed criminals have told us that burglars will actively avoid properties they know have alarm systems – either it’s an outdoor siren or a dummy siren.
  • Smartphone compatibility – check your smartphone is compatible. Most security systems work with Apple and Android, however it worth to check it

Best home security systems

Arlo Pro 3 – From £549.99

If you are looking for one of the best security cameras on the market, then go for the Arlo Pro 3.
Arlo’s home security cameras have earned their reputation thanks to their excellent standards: high video quality, easy installation, and robust feature sets, and Arlo Pro 3 make no exception. Setting up and running with Arlo Pro 3 is fairly easy, thanks to the smartphone app that guides you through each step of the installation. The weather-proof, wire-free cameras also feature high-quality 2K video, colour night vision, auto-zoom, tracking and two-way audio. If you want an extra peace of mind, the set also comes with a Smart subscription that offers a range of additional features including rich, interactive notifications, specific object detection and the ‘Call a Friend’ option for those unable to rush home.

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Mydlink™ Pro Wire‑Free Camera Kit – From £297.49

Another great and maybe more affordable option is the Mydlink Pro Wire-Free Camera Kit. Designed to be discreet, weatherproof, and completely wire‑free, you can place them virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors. Featuring 1080p Full HD clarity, you can record every detail at any time!

“With a D-Link Wi-Fi Camera you can check the live camera feed via the app on your smartphone or tablet. See exactly what is happening, so you can record, take screenshots for photo evidence call alert the police. Only a small percentage of burglaries are cleared by the police due to lack of witnesses and evidence, by adding Wi-Fi Cameras with cloud recording if your home is ever broken into you’ll have solid evidence to help the police find the offender.” Paul Routledge, Country Manager, D-Link

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TP-Link Tapo C200 – From £34.99

If you are on a budget, the Tapo C200 is probably one of the best options. Featuring high definition video, advanced night view, sound and light alarm and two-way audio, the new Tapo C200 has everything you need to keep your home safe! The bonus? You can receive a notification when the camera detects motion at home. It can be a notice of arriving package, or suspicious intrusion. You can then trigger light and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors.

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F-Secure SENSE Security Router – From £129.00

F-Secure SENSE is another kind of security device for your home. This wireless router makes your home cyber secure while providing fast WiFi. Secure all your smart devices against cyber-attacks, malicious websites, and other threats. The apps will help to set up and manage the router and provide further standalone protection when you’re on the go: URL filtering, download scanning, behavior monitoring, banking protection, parental controls and more…
So if you are looking for a good level of home network protection for a great price, F-Secure SENSE is the router you need!

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