The 7 most high-tech hotels in the world

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Whether traveling for business or pleasure, today’s savvy travelers are expecting some technology basics in their hotels. Indeed technology is evolving at an exponential rate and the hotel industry is doing everything it can to keep up.

But some hotels take tech further, and include in their service room-service robots, facial-recognition room keys, space-capsule décor to body-temperature climate control, to name just a few.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most high-tech hotels in the world, so keep your eyes wide open!

1. Kameha Grand, Zurich, Switzerland

If you are a themed-hotel fan, then Zurich’s Kameha Grand is the perfect place to stay! Filled with themed rooms and suites, the big highlight is definitely their stunning Space Suite. This fabulously hi-tech retreat features a floating bed, miniature rockets and shelves designed to resemble astronauts’ gloves. But the most exciting bit is probably the live link-up to NASA’s mission control, via a huge screen above the bed. Life finally discovered on the red planet? You’ll be the first to know.
With a price tag at $2,000 per night, you better start saving now!

2. Henn na Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

The future is robotic they say! Have you ever dreamt to be checked-in by Dinosaurs? Now you can, at Henn na Hotel in Tokyo. When you walk up to the reception desk, you’ll be greeted by a robotic dinosaur agent donning a tiny bellboy hat, what a treat. The dinosaur will instruct you on how to use the touchpad to check in and an automated trolley then finds its way to you and assists in taking your luggage up to your room.
You will also need to go through facial recognition to access to your room. Inside you’ll be able to notice there are no switches on the walls to turn on the lights, instead, your in-room robot named Tuly—a pink tulip the size of a table lamp—will be in charge of such tasks.
A bit like Google home, it will also answer any questions you could have during your stay!

3. Eccleston Square Hotel, London, England

Bringing together history and cutting-edge technology, Eccleston Square Pimlico is a unique British hotel. While the exterior is a striking 19th Century Grade II listed historical facade, the interior bristles with keypads that control the music and lighting, shower walls with an instant frosting option, flat-screen televisions embedded in bathroom mirrors and iPads that provide concierge service from the comfort of the room.

4. J House Greenwich Hotel, Connecticut, US

We’ve all seen those tiny televisions built into mirrors in hotel bathrooms, but when things get steamy, watching your favourite serie from the comfort of the tub becomes nigh on impossible. The J House Greenwich, featuresan enormous 55-inch television screen guaranteed to stay steam-free. Our other favourite bit? The TOTO Neorest is regarded as the world’s most hi-tech loo, and comes with a built-in bidet, electrically heated seat and air purifier. What a treat!

5.Capsule Hotel Pengheng Space Capsules, Bao’an, China‎

This space-themed hotel employs an entire staff of robots for your every beck and call. The decor is nothing short of futuristic with neon lights, shiny metals and way-out-there furnishings. Your space capsule is only big enough for you to sit or lay in and comes fully equipped with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a pair of headphones, a universal outlet, a private locker, and a bed lamp. The perfect accommodation for people who care little for human interaction.

6. W Singapore Sentosa Cove, Sentosa Island, Singapore

With underwater speakers, suites housing private DJ booths, mood-themed and signature-scented meeting rooms, and LED lights throughout, there’s everything you need in a futuristic hotel at this property. Everywhere a guest looks there’s a tech feature they probably didn’t know even exists.

7. Hotel Zetta, San Francisco, US

One of the coolest hotels is probably the Zetta, San Francisco, a gadget geek’s paradise: there’s a games console-filled Playroom, a tech-filled antique telephone booth from which you can Tweet, Snapchat or blog, and (for old time’s sake) a museum-like display of retro games cartridges, computer chips and old mobile phones. But it’s the VR Cube which has generated the most hype. This lobby-based virtual reality room (the first one inside a hotel) allows guests to experience alternate realities by slipping on a hi-tech headset.