What to choose: Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 Max

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure to test out the Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 Max, the latest in the cordless mopping vacuum cleaner range. My first impression was immediately how smart and futuristic the vacuum is, with a bright LED screen, and smart vocal assistant. With Dreame, we have come to expect a high build quality, flexibility and effectiveness, and I certainly was not disappointed here.

In addition to being really impressive to look at, the machine itself performs incredibly well to combine multiple different cleaning systems to simplify the process for the user, leading to some really notable results.

Auto Mode

Having the ability to clean up all types of messes with a single product is a total game changer. Gone are the days of multitasking with unclean mops, buckets of water and dragging the vacuum around the house. Instead with the H11 we can utilise the Auto Mode to pick up all kinds of dirt, dust, spillages and combinations.

Using this mode, the H11 senses the mess ahead and adjusts the suction level required, taking all of the guesswork out of the process, allowing you to efficiently work through hard surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, or hallways.

The H11 combines the vacuum and mop to contact the floor an astonishing 560 times per minute, really making a noticeable difference in terms of actually cleaning the floor through its intense suction and rotating brush, rather than just shifting the problem around the room as with some other products.
 The clean water tank at nearly a litre volume means you can really give floors up to 200m2 a proper clean, rather than just a fine mist trying to cover a large area.

The key difference here is that the mopped-up liquid is quickly screened and sent to the dirty water tank, meaning that you are never using nasty old water to clean the floor, and can trust in the quality of the mopping.


As expected with wireless technology, the runtime can be the weakness with this type of product. However, at 36 minutes the H11 can function for longer than similar class products, and with the quality of clean you can expect, there is much more of an efficiency than having to go over the same spot several times.

The speed of charge from empty is usually about 5 hours, so while this isn’t exactly rapid, the easy to use and store charging station means that you’ll always likely have a full charge if stored and used a few times a week.


As I’ve already discussed, having a product which combines both mopping and vacuuming is a total level above the inevitable chaos of doing a full vacuum and then mopping of the floor, but what makes this process possible is the fantastic self-cleaning process of the H11.

The machine will filter out any mess and liquids while operating, but also ensure that when you finish, one click of the click cleaning button will start the process of resetting the system for your next use.
This means it can be stored in confidence, and in full view without worry of bad smells or looking untidy. The machine also benefits from lasting much longer as a result.

Silent and easy to move

At only approximately 80dB, the H11 is at an impressive noise level considering the multitude of functions going on at once, thanks to some innovative noise reduction engineering. Compared to rival brands, it is slightly more noisy, but these generally do not include the mopping facility, so on balance may seem worth accepting. A further benefit is the self-generated traction at the front of the machine to help you move around the room with ease.

Screen and smart voice assistant

The facility which really raised the level of this product for me was the smart screen, and voice assistant. The clean and simple LED display gave me live status updates on the battery, mess detection, cleanliness, and also the general mode of operation.


To conclude, I was really impressed with the Dreame H11. Gone are my days of having to vacuum and then mop, figure out what tactics were needed to clean up a mess, and figure out how to clean up afterwards. The technology and advances in this futuristic mopping vacuum are seriously impressive, and have totally changed the game in terms of ease and efficiency.

Although the price is high compared to other vacuum cleaners, the simplification of the task, and the combination of two different tasks thanks to this piece of kit make it absolutely worth the investment in my eyes.

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