Waterdrop: Meet the drinks of the future


What if you could carry your favourite drinks in the smallest pocket of your jeans? Hard to believe, right?
Discover everything you need to know about Waterdrop, the revolutionary microdrink!

Your favourite drink in a small cube

Conceived in Austria, Waterdrop is the first micro drink that encourages you to drink more water. The drinks present themselves as a 1cm cube, that you can drop into the water to add some flavour.

The goal is to encourage you to ‘empower your water’ through adding these tiny ‘drops’ to your daily intake of water.  All the cubes are sugar-free and made with natural ingredients using extracts from plants and fruit. 
The fun part is that you can add these tiny tablets to your water and carry it around with you to add a different flavour to your water each time you refill your water bottle. 

Waterdrop offers a range of various flavours such as Hibiscus, Blackcurrant, Cranberry, Mango, Peach and Lime.

An environment-friendly way to drink water

Waterdrop is not only easy to carry, but it is also a “green” drink. The packaging is made from starch- and fibre-based material from Netherlands that offers a range of sustainability benefits, including lightweight, recyclability, biodegradability, compostability, the use of renewable materials, and more…

On another hand, Waterdrop offers a wide range of beautifully designed water bottles – made of glass only – to help you reduce your general wastes and cut on plastic. You just have to refill the bottle and keep it with you at all times!

A healthier drink charged in vitamins

Waterdrop comes in nine specific varieties, each catering to a different need state.
Focus is made from lime, green coffee, and baobab; Boost includes blackcurrant, elderflower, and acai; Youth contains peach, ginger, and ginseng, Defense is made from cranberry, rosehip, and morning, Relax from hibiscus, acerolia, aronia etc…
These superfood extracts are all locally-sourced natural aromas and colorings and obtained from all over the world, including Brazil, Asia, India, and Africa.

This microdrink is perfect for professionals who need a daily boost, fitness addicts who like to stay well hydrated, or for anyone who wants to switch from plain water without any guilt.

Try Waterdrop Starter Pack from £36.80 and for more products visit www.waterdrop.com


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