Upgrade your interior this Christmas with one of the stylish Swyft sofas

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Christmas is coming, and it is time to treat yourself! Whether you are moving home or just want to replace your old sofa, Swyft has plenty of sofa options to make your home feel cozier than ever!

Why Swyft Sofas are so special?

Swyft Sofas are super smart and almost magic (another reason to get one for Christmas!), it all came from a crazy idea: The ‘Sofa In A Box’.
a sofa which could be delivered to the customers front door in 48 hours, through the tightest of entrance-ways and assembled in minutes, promising comfort, convenience, sustainability.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to squeeze a sofa through the door frame. Well, Swyft sofas are designed to glide in – frustrating pivoting action no longer required. And no tools are required to build it either, a Swyft simply slots together. Unlike most flat-pack furniture, this sofa has also been made to last and includes a 15-year frame guarantee (It is NOT a typo!)

And it is as simple as the below:

A stylish, comfy, and high-quality sofa at a reasonable price

Whether you like it grey, dark green, cotton blend or velvet, Swyft got your back! Their smart, contemporary and surprisingly cosy two-seater that ingeniously slots together by hand is one of the comfiest sofas we’ve ever tried! Perfect for cosying up with a significant other or family, in front of a Christmas movie or a delicious coffee date. The feather-filled cushions are ready to sink into and want to be shared.

The chic and simple furniture piece is made from solid wood with firm, foam-filled cushions. This one is upholstered in a polyester/cotton blend but it also comes in plush polyester velvet.
Let’s talk vital stats: feather back cushions deliver a luxurious touch, whilst the triple foam core of the extra thick seat cushion fillings offer an unrivalled comfort to sink into and the FibreGuard technology weaved into the linen fabrics mean that spills can usually be removed using just water alone. Even the velvet fabric finish offers an easy-clean quality to help repel liquids.

It comes in three sizes – a three-seater sofa, a smaller two-seater model and an armchair size.
The bonus? Only one person can assemble the sofa on their own, without any help. It means: goodbye long hours trying to put the sofa together!

An environment-friendly sofa!

Why not pairing pleasure with good deed?
Every element of the service, brand experience and product detail has been considered in extraordinary detail. Even the plastic wrapping to protect the sofa is made using dw3 plastic, which means after 2 years it’s molecular structure changes and is no longer plastic, becoming a material which will biodegrade in the open environment in the same way as a leaf. In fact all product packaging is made from recycled materials that are biodegradable and all wood used for the sofa frames are FSC Certified.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your Swyft sofa today from £995 on www.swyfthome.com


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