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Our smartphones became our closest travel agent with the expansion of travel apps. These are not only a source of inspiration but also extremely useful for booking and managing logistics. Apps allow us to help with everything from flight booking, accommodations, pack your suitcase, currency conversions etc…

So if you want to make your next vacation a breeze, consider these super helpful travel apps. Whether you are iOS or Android user, these apps will help you to keep your stress levels down while you’re traveling

1. App in The Air

App in The Air is a premier personal travel assistant for frequent fliers, allows users to consolidate all documentation and travel information in one place, including frequent flyer air mile programmes, as well as informing travellers of; travel times to the airport, security wait times, real-time flight alerts, aircraft information (with reviews), airport information (weather, reviews, customs wait times) and more.

The app also showcases pretty awesome features such as, Augmented Reality Luggage Measurement, Queue Busting, In The Know At The Airport, In the air networking, which enhance completely the user experience.

App users can enjoy a free version of App in the Air, or a premium version for £27.99/12 months (trial for free for 14 days), with upgraded features that include real-time flight status, offline access, family notifications and automatic check-ins. 

You can download the app here.

2. TripIt

TripIt help with your itineraries and documents by keeping them organized in one place. Set your reservations to be automatically sent to TripIt, which will let you view everything from your travel confirmations, flight itineraries, tickets, hotel booking info, rental car reservations, without even leaving the app. TripIt also makes it simple to share your trip plans with whoever is picking you up from the airport or train station, or anyone else who may need to coordinate with you or know what your travel plans are.

You can download the app here.

3. SkyScanner App

Skyscanner has got you covered from flights, hotels, rental cars. The app help you to find the most affordable and best options via its travel partners. You can see the cheapest dates to fly, and you can also get alerts when prices change. There is also another great feature where the app offers a category that lets you explore “Top Deals” from your nearest airport. You can then monitor your bookings with status updates in Trips and move booked flights from one trip to another in the Trips tab.

You can download the app here.

4. Timeshifter

You can now cure your jetlag with an App! Timeshifter helps you to avoid jet lag long before your flight takes off, and offers inflight and post-flight suggestions as well. The app works in collaboration with neuroscience research on sleep and circadian rhythms to provide personalized recommendations for each traveler, taking into consideration your age, gender and normal sleep patterns, as well as specifics about your trip and travel plans. Timeshifter maps out when you should avoid or seek light, take a nap or try to stay awake.

You can download the app here.

5. SkyGuru

There is now an app to help people with the fear of flying. The app has designed by pilots that provides weather and turbulence forecasts for the route you’re flying. Although there may be nothing you can do if turbulence is in the forecast, sometimes it’s good to be mentally prepared. If you opt for the Pro version of the app, you can get real-time alerts and explanations of what’s happening during your flight. Users can see exactly where you are in the sky without an internet or GPS connection.

You can download the app here.

6. Hotel Tonight

When your hotels plans fall through, you better find a quick solution. Hotel Tonight is a reliable service that thrives on last-minute deals. The company partners with hotels to offer discounts on empty rooms, and you’ll be able to book one in under 10 seconds. Beside this great feature, you also get 24/7 customer service from the Hotel Tonight team, in case something goes awry. If you need you can also book multiple rooms in a single go and broadcast that info via group chat.

You can download the app here.

7. Roadtrippers

If you are looking to organise the perfect epic road trip you’ve always wanted to take, Roadtrippers will help you to plan out your driving route but also lets you book hotels and activities along the way. The app is especially useful for finding interesting and off-the-beaten-path roadside attractions as well as great restaurants and can’t-miss landmarks you can pin all the way long.

You can download the app here.

8. City Mapper

Citymapper is one of the best tools to find and use public transportation. It will connect you with a few ridesharing services, offer the fastest way to arrive at your destination, and best of all, lets you check out subway and train times offline for a number of cities. The best part is that you can also subscribe to specific train or bus lines, and the app can even alert you when you need to get off the bus, which is handy when you’re riding for the first time in a new country. A wheelchair accessible section is also available for some locations.

You can download the app here.

9. PackPoint

PackPoint will facilitate your packing. The app shows you what to bring based on the length of your trip, your destination and any activities you’re planning along the way. All you need is just to download and install the app, type in the city you’re visiting and plug in your travel details. So, stop waiting until the day before your trip, or the hours before you have to leave for the airport and start packing right now!

You can download the app here.

10. MeetUp

Meetup app is designed for interacting with local and other travelers who have mutual interests. The app will show you groups that are formed around particular interests in your city, including yoga, photography, cooking, wine tasting, hiking, cinema and much more. You can then join groups and get updated on particular events… Meetup can even help you with networking, as there are many groups focusing on business and technology. A great way to meet friends or new people!

You can download the app here.

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