How LG is Revolutionizing Smart Living?

Smart Home

LG is probably the next brand to look at in term of artificial intelligence game. This year at IFA, the brand showcased the very best of its 2019 line-up. In few words, LG tech is smart, reliable, powerful and beautiful. Find out how LG’s AI powered devices are introduced to make your everyday chores much easier.

LG The Future of Shopping

Simply at the stage of concept product for now, LG ThinQ Fit could save hours of time-consuming shopping and buying clothes. It allows to create your own avatar on a display screen, and try on clothes virtually – even using a heat map to decipher where the clothing fits and where it doesn’t. When you find something you like, you can simply order it online. What a great way to shop!

The brand bringing Your Home to the Next Level

LG studied living space trends and found three key themes to explore for their new range of products: integrated and open; personalised and segmented and connectivity. Combine this with LG ThinQ’s innovative technology, and the result is the LG ThinQ Home: a recreated space installed with interconnected intelligent devices that work together throughout the home – including the kitchen, living room, laundry lounge amongst others. The brand aimed to create an environment that’s completely personalised to each users’ needs, while keeping energy efficiency at the forefront. We’ve compiled for you the best of LG products that will transform your home into haven of peace.

LG SIGNATURE Air Conditioner

They say you can’t do everything. Well, LG SIGNATURE’s new air conditioner proves that wrong. It’s a heater, cooler, purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier – all in one. And it’s easy on the eyes.

InstaView ThinQ

Never wonder, “What’s in the fridge?” again. Use the smartphone app and check inside your LG InstaView ThinQ from anywhere. This fridge comes packed with features like Amazon Alexa, a hidden LG Bluetooth speaker, and even games. There’s plenty to keep you entertained while dinner is cooking.

LG’s ThinQ Washer

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t do laundry. But if we must, the washing machine should be fast, quiet, and choose the settings for us. (No one understands those weird shirt tag symbols anyway!) LG’s ThinQ Washer line is quiet enough for even the baby’s room. It senses your clothing material and chooses the best setting automatically. Plus, a full wash cycle only takes 39 minutes. Just long enough for another episode of your favorite show…

If you want to learn more about LG’s AI innovations you can still visit LG’s ThinQ